Release Notes

New Release - 5/24/2016

New Credit Score Tools, Customization Experience and Money Link Site

With this release of Web Branch, members now have access to two new features and an updated experience.

Members now have access to a new credit score and credit monitoring tool called CreditView™. A new experience on Web Branch helps you discover advanced tools and services. And, the Money Link site now matches the Web Branch look and feel and is mobile-friendly.

CreditView DashboardCreditView™ Dashboard

Our new CreditView Dashboard allows you to stay on top of your credit score. You can sign up for this free tool by using the widget on the Web Branch Dashboard or going to the Profile & Settings page and clicking on your credit score.

It is a simple one-click sign up to access CreditView Dashboard. You can visit CreditView as often as you like and your score is refreshed daily.

By accessing CreditView, you are automatically enrolled in email-based credit monitoring alerts and will receive updates on anything that might impact your score (such as new inquiries, trade lines or public records). Or, if no changes are made in 30 days, you'll receive a monthly notification verifying there were no reported changes to your credit files.

Web Branch ExperienceCustomize Your Web Branch Experience

Web Branch includes many tools and services to make managing your finances easier. To assist members in discovering these tools we have a new customized Web Branch experience available in the Profile & Settings menu.

Web Branch will occassionally show you a new feature you may not have previously known about or used. You can also see all the features by clicking on the percentage complete.

Beyond the basics, Web Branch will introduce you to setting up alerts, paying bills via Web Pay, and Money Management tools like Pending Items.

Money Link SiteMoney Link Site Redesigned

Money Link is a tool that allows members to send money to other members and also lets non-members send money to members. The Money Link site has been redesigned to match the Web Branch experience in look and feel. And, because Web Branch is mobile-friendly, the Money Link site is now also easy to use on mobile devices.

In the process of redesigning the Money Link site, we took the opportunity to make the it easier to use. Non-members can use the site to manage their payments to members on a regular basis. And members can use the new site to accept a Money Link request from another member.