Release Notes

New Release - 3/14/2018

New Card Notifications, Card Lock Feature and other Enhancements

With this release of Web Branch, we have made a number of improvements and enhancements around your experience with your debit and credit cards. These enhancements allow you to better monitor your accounts and identify potential fraud sooner.

Card Transaction Notifications

We’ve enhanced debit and credit card activity notifications by sending them in real time. As you finish checking out at a store or online, we will send you a notification with details on the merchant and amount being charged. We will also send you a notification when your card is declined. These notifications allow you to verify transactions as they happen and identify potential fraud sooner.

You can receive these notifications via any combination of email, text message or our app push notifications.

Manage Cards Section

We’ve added a new Manage Cards section to the main Web Branch navigation (and app menu). This new section gives you quick access to features and services related to your debit and credit cards. You can easily cancel a lost/stolen card, change your PIN and order a replacement card.

In addition, we’ve added a new feature called Temporary Card Lock. With this feature, you can temporarily lock your debit or credit card to instantly block new purchases. Lock your card while it has been misplaced to ensure no charges occur. You can unlock your card at any time.

Account Activity

Declined Transaction Display for Credit Cards

To help you monitor your account activity and prevent fraud, we are now showing credit card declines in Web Branch (in addition to already showing debit card declines). You will get notified of declines in real time if you enroll in Card Transaction Notifications.

More data on card transactions

To help identify transactions, we’ve added additional details to card transactions. These details include the type of merchant, the purchase method (in-person, online, etc.), the date and time of the card authorization and the cardholder.

App Updates

If you use the UW Credit Union app for iOS and Android, we have made a number of improvements:

  • We’ve added support to log into Web Branch using your fingerprint on all Android devices with fingerprint capability.
  • We’ve added support to log into Web Branch using Face ID on the iPhone X.

And bug fixes including:

  • Recent activity on the app home page loads in landscape view on devices that are sufficiently large.
  • Correctly defaults back to pin authentication if Face ID/Touch ID is disabled in the system settings.
  • We fixed a bug that caused iOS push notifications to not trigger sound or vibration.
  • We fixed some visual discrepancies on the iPhone X with the notch and safe areas.
  • We fixed a bug that would cause changed pins/backup pins to not save correctly.